10 Easy Ways to Save Money For Your Next Electronic Dance Music Festival

Money JarBalling on a budget has never been so easy.

These are just a few necessary tips to save those dollar bills, and we’ve got them for you.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making it rain at your favorite festival in no time! There are a variety of other ways to keep your budget tight. All you have to do is think outside the box and you’ll be able to afford those concerts and electronic dance music festivals you have been dying to attend.

Below are our 10 easy ways to save money for your next festival:

Refillable Containers

Stop spending your money on drinks. Pack a bottle or a CamelBak and refill it with water. This simple change to your every day routine will not only keep your pockets full, but also help to keep your bod festival ready.

Alternate Transportation

Keep it classic and ride a bicycle. Don’t pay ridiculous prices for gas if you can avoid it. Just hop on your bike and take a leisurely ride to your destination. This will get your legs in the right shape to dance the night away at your next big show.

Cook with Skrillex

Meal Prep

Make your meals at home. For the price of an average dinner at Applebee’s, you could buy groceries and make food for the entire day. You can create the exact entrées you want and eat a lot healthier too! Check out Pinterest and BuzzFeed for some delicious recipes. Don’t go out for coffee, make it at home instead with one of these suggestions from CoffeeChannel.

Resist Indulgence

Simple living. Do you really need to blow 500 dollars on that pair of golden laced shoes? We know indulging in a shopping spree feels so right, but why not splurge on that ticket to TomorrowWorld or Electric Forest instead? Skip the mall and put that money in your Drop Jar.

Conserve Energy

Wasting your electricity on blasting the AC or heat? Try opening some windows or getting some darker and heavier drapes to keep it cool. When warming your home, open the blinds and immerse your house in sunlight. You can even lay down some thick rugs to heat the floors. Don’t forget to shut the vents to prevent cooling or warming in your unused rooms.

Make Your Own Costumes

Do it yourself. This not only saves money, but can also turn into a fun hobby. Make your own snacks, create your own cleaning supplies, and wash your own car, even making gifts instead of buying them from the store. You can find recipes, tips and step by step instructions on several different websites like Pinterest, Buzzfeed, DIY Network and doityourself.com.

how to make your own halloween costume
Save money by making your own Halloween costume! Photo courtesy of Suwannee Hulaween/Facebook

Plant a Garden

Grow your own food. Start a garden and plant fruits, veggies and herbs. This fun new hobby will save you tons of cash at the grocery and you can use these home-grown ingredients for your new recipes.

Prepare Your Own Drinks

Cut back on the amount of drinks you buy at bars and clubs. These establishments tend to up their prices, so pre-game before you get there. Experiment and prepare some creative treats like Jell-O shots, alcohol-soaked gummies, Jungle Juice or even Liquor Lollipops. These alcoholic sweets will be entertaining to make and fun to eat. They will end up costing less than a couple of beers at the bar too. Remember to designate a driver and be safe!

Buy In Bulk

Purchase goods in bulk. Get double the product for the same price by shopping at wholesale retailers like CostCo and BJs. You can also shop online at wholesale retailer sites. This new way of shopping will keep you stocked for longer and for a cheaper price.

Go Outside

Get active! Go to a park, hit the beach, go camping or hiking, you can even round up your friends and play some ultimate Frisbee. Find other easy ways to have fun while not spending a dime.

There you have it electronic dance music family! 10 easy ways to save money for your next EDM festival.

What are some tips that have worked for you? Be sure to drop us a comment and let us know!

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