Berlin’s Oliver Koletzki Rolls Out New Album, ‘Made Of Wood’ [Stil Vor Talent]

People stateside probably haven’t seen much of the Berlin based, Oliver Koletski since his Oregon Eclipse to Burning Man run in 2017.  While he has been staying busy elavating the organic house movement throughout Europe,  Oliver took a trip to Tulum, Mexico as the pandemic struck, finding himself in the studio to create his ninth full-length album since 2007, Made of Wood on Stil Vor Talent.

Olive Koletzki Made of Wood on Stil Vor Talent

The first two pieces ‘Copal’ and ‘Cryptozoology’ just arrived in sync with the crypto craze.  ‘Copal’ plays with strings, jungle samples, tribal vocals and buzzing percussion action.  ‘Cryptozoology’ with Walter Scalzone showcases Olivers music theory concepts he can call his own as be brings in the hang drum, a ground-shaking basseline and creates a vibe for right after the sun sets.

On Made of Wood Oliver Koletzki embodies the seasoned craftsman, carving out his deeply personal sonic sculptures with a confident, learned hand, while experimenting with a broad range of thrilling ideas and fresh textures.  Using instruments such as djembes, marimbas, santoors or duduks, Oliver sculps natural music that’s warm in timbre and rich in groove.

Oliver Koletzki

For the yet to be released tracks off the album, Oliver slowly breaks away from thenatural feel in the mid-section, in which the disorienting, abstract stunner ‘Picture’ with Niko Schwind & Judith Ahrends, introductes synth-crescendos for the bouncy ‘Made of Cashmere’, while the 14-minute long meditation ‘A Starseed’s Journey’ makes for a powerful penultimate breather later on.

Oliver Koletzki

Oliver Koletzki Live at Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017

Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 photo credit thatDROP
Oregon Eclipse photo credit Jacob Avanzato
Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 photo credit thatDROP

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