Hiskee Sonifies Bright Evening Air with Debut EP

As a recording engineer, Jonathan Schuster, aka Hiskee, started to work with various artists and bands from lots of different genres. While gaining experience in production, sound design, and mixing, he began to work with as many artists as possible to enhance his creative repertoire. By growing up in Germany, living in Africa for half a year, and traveling through Asia and America, a variety of cultural impressions have influenced his way of expressing himself through music.

His sound and production are clearly influenced by hip hop, trap, r&b, future bass, and wave music. By the end of 2019, he released WLYG in collaboration with electronic music producer Fitswell, with whom he produced various remixes before.

The rising German producer Hiskee‘s 3 track debut EP, Bright Evening Air, combines energetic parts with future bass drops in a way entirely his own.

Hiskee Bright Evening Air Cover Art

Listen to Hiskee’s Bright Evening Air:

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