CHARDS Drops an Unapologetic Dubstep Original ‘WATCHU WANT?’

Born in 1998, the heat of the 90’s electronic music era, is the Quebec native CHARDS. The French-Canadian got his feet wet mixing undergroud selects from the likes of Infekt, Zubah, Flix, Motus, Aweminus, Chibs, Akeos and Snooko into his sets since 2017, at a wee 17 years old. The kid’s production instincts are prevelent with just over a year of Ableton courses and has earned him gigs alongside big names in the underground scene and his influences: Aweminus, Graphyth, Ganon, Tengraph, Izzy Vadim, Flix and Motus. Crusing around 145BPMs, CHARDS gets the place moving. His primary choice of paint, riddim and dubstep, but when the time is right he knows how to bring the house.

CHARDS most recent original comes with the unapologetic title, ‘WATCHU WANT?’

photo credit CHARDS

CHARDS offers many of his remixes and originals as a free download. Sample his work and add a few to your selection.


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