Hip-Hop Albums We’re Looking Forward to In 2019

The year of 2018 was pretty exciting for the hip hop scene; major albums have been dropped, great singles have been released, and new kids on the block made it big. But, it’s 2019, and we’re already looking forward to our favorite artists dropping new fire. Some of them haven’t released new material in a long time, and some of them have merely set a high standard and great expectations for their future work, and their fans. Therefore, we’ve created a list of the hip-hop albums we’re really looking forward to listening to this year. But, before continuing with the list, make sure to hop over to edusson.com, for exceptional writing services.

Kanye West, Yandhi (TBD)

What better way to begin this list than with Kanye West’s oft-delayed, much-hyped ninth studio album Yandhi. Kanye has announced the album in mid-September 2018; however, the album has seen numerous release dates come and go. He has been focusing on producing and few other projects related to his fashion brand, but when it comes to his music, Kanye has been leaving us wanting a new album more than ever. Ye has been in the studio a lot during the year, so hopefully, 2019 is the year we will see the fruits of his labor.

Rihanna, R9

During December, Rihanna has been secretly hinting that a new album might be on its way. With her focusing on Fenty Beauty and a lingerie collection, Rihanna has been delaying any new releases for quite a while. However, her loyal fans were getting impatient, and one of them asked Rihanna on her Fenty Instagram account about the new album. Rihanna has actually responded to the comment, only to write ‘2019’. To be even more serious about a new album, Rihanna’s vocal producer Kuk Harrell also teased by responding to a social media comment, saying ‘R9 is great. R9 is amazing. It’s incredible…’. This is definitely giving us hope that RiRi will be topping the charts of 2019 very soon. All we can do is sit back and let the queen do her work.

Future, The Wizard (Jan.18)

Future has had quite an active 2018, dropping two collaborative projects; Beast Mode 2 mixtape and Wrld on Drugs together with Juice WRLD. However, the trap lovers don’t think this was enough from Future. His infectious tunes should be seeing a follow-up actually in a few days, so his fans will finally be able to tune in with the upcoming seventh solo album. Future has also already given his fans a taste of what they can expect from the album with ‘Jumpin on a Jet,’ and ‘Crushed Up.’

Frank Ocean, Blonde Follow-Up

Being a Frank Ocean fan must be really painful, mostly because Ocean spends so much time in between the releases working on new projects. His fans are definitely desperate for some new projects and fire tunes. Ocean has, nevertheless, kept the hopes up throughout 2018 with a beautiful ‘Moon River’ cover, as well as with the cameos on A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott’s summer bangers. Hopefully, Frank Ocean won’t leave his fans disappointed in this year and finally make a surprise release, as soon as possible. Everyone is so eager to see what masterpiece Frank Ocean has in his sleeve yet again.

The Weeknd, Chapter 6

In 2018, Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, has taken things slowly. His appearance of Black Panther: The Album, and My Dear Melancholy, EP released in March, have been quite successful. Both of the releases warranted him two Platinum-certified, Billboard-charting singles; ‘Pray for me,’ and ‘Call out my Name,’ according to Consequence of Sound. However, In November of 2018, Abel has stated that he has been working on a new album and that he has never been as inspired as in the last year. So far, there hasn’t been much fuss about the actual album. The public only knows about the album is supposedly titled Chapter 6, and that it’s going to be an album rather than another EP. Hopefully, The Weeknd will keep his word and give us the album of his life.

Childish Gambino, The Final-yet to be titled-LP

So, Childish Gambino has done a fair share of great releases in 2018, with This is America and the-end-of-summer hit Feels like Summer. But, his fans seem to be expecting more, a follow-up album that is going to break the charts. There have been rumors that Gambino is preparing to release his final album this year, but no new projects of his have been surfacing out. All we can do is hope that Gambino being absent from the music scene at the moment is a sign of preparation for a grand entrance in 2019.

Chance the Rapper

Ever since he released Coloring Book in 2016, the fans of Chance the Rapper have been patiently expecting another banger. He has been releasing some side projects, but nothing came even close to the success and the quality of Acid Rap and Coloring Book. According to DJ Booth, this incredibly talented artist should be on his way of reviving his talent and musical abilities with a 2019 album, even though there is a slim chance that Chance might actually surprise us with a new release. Nevertheless, his fans aren’t losing the faith. Maybe Rapper will come from the shadows with the long-awaited Gambino collaboration, or even a more time-demanding, high-quality release this year.