Headphone Activist Drops a Soul Warming Single, ‘Floating Through Time’

After a half of a year, Pittsburg DJ Headphone Activist graces us with another astonishing, bass heavy release, ‘Floating Through Time’. The new track is appropriately named as you will find yourself drifting away with the melodic and airy vibes that bounce between lingering bass notes.

Headphone Activist creates a magical new single that will warm your soul.

‘Floating Through Time’ was released on Wandering Music just 3 days ago. For this one, it is best to just close your eyes and feel that music pulse through your veins. Each note from the keys drop so perfectly and elegantly, making you think of all the beauty in the world. Headphone Activist, you did again, thank you.

As a bonus, take a listen to Headphone Activist’s secret Spring Mix.

Now if you haven’t already, take advantage all his free downloads off his SoundCloud page. We can only hope he will release ‘Floating Through Time’ as a free download as well. Unfortunately, he does not have any tour dates coming up for us to feel his bass vibrating under our feet. Keep a close eye on his next moves, so you don’t miss your chance to feel his music by following him on his social media handles linked below.

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