GRiZ and Ganja White Night Unleash ‘Ease Your Mind’ [Visualizer]

Cred. GRiZ X Ganja White Night

The psychedelic dub wub kings are back and double teaming this explosive new single ‘Ease Your Mind’. This funkadelic single acts as a follow up to GRiZ‘s last single ‘Vibe Check’ and the first track of 2021 by the highly acclaimed Ganja White Night. The track features trippy sound design punctuated with vibey vocal phrases, colorful instrumentation with guitar as well as GRiZ’s iconic sexy saxophone licks and the signature sound of Ganja White Knight’s smooth wubs. ‘Ease Your Mind’ is accompanied by a psychedelic music video created by Belgian street artist, My Name Is Ebo (known for his work with Ganja White Night in his music videos and their SubCarbon imprint) that takes you on a psychedelic trip through space, time, and your very soul.

The music video’s visuals feature Mr. B and Mr. Wobble, the familiar animated personifications of GRiZ and Ganja White Night respectively in a dystopic-utopic funky universe where its nothing but good vibes and good times. This animated treat is a trippy treat for the senses.

It was only a matter of time for this ultimate collaboration to be unleashed. ‘Ease Your Mind’ was the result of a chance encounter between the artists at Mysteryland, one of Ganja White Night’s first US festival performances. These creative minds vibed so hard that an alliance formed and gave us this beautiful track. Ganja White Night’s reggae infused dubstep combined with GRiZ’s funky soulful dubstep culminate into the smoothest synthesis of groove, soul, and thunderous heart that uplifts the mind and body.

Cred. GRiZ X Ganja White Night


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