Grenno Delivers a Signature Rammer for Deep Root Debut, ‘In The Air’

Over the years Liverpool’s Grenno has garnered support by Mike Bibi, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Tiesto and BBC Radio 1 for his beloved remixes. Today, Grenno slides his way into the Deep Root roster with his latest house anthem ‘In The Air’.

Right off the bat, the track hits with steady but funky house drums and deep pulsating bassline. Lush, triumphant piano chords emerge soon after, giving way to absolutely electrifying disco vocals that send shivers down the spine.

Every buildup sucks in the listener in with powerful risers and hard-hitting snares, only for the drop to completely captivate the ear with a full array of synths and bass. From its tantalizing vocal licks to its classic house feel, it is clear that ‘In the Air’ was only meant to be played one way: on repeat.

Alongside Grenno’s debut on the New York imprint Deep Root Records, he will be featured on Deep Root Sessions live stream this Saturday at 10pm UK Time (6 PM ET). Be ready to go because Grenno ensures he is “Gunna play some absolute rammers!”

Grenno has been doing the good man’s work by offering free downloads for his remixes that bridge the gap between the underground and mainstream, bringing the family closer together.

From his recent remixes of Swedish House Mafia‘s ‘One’ and SpookS‘ ‘How Can They Not’ to progressive house reduxes of radio hits like Dua Lipa‘s ‘Don’t Start Now’ and Jax Jone‘s ‘You Don’t Know Me’, people on Grenno’s dancefloor get an all encompassing treatment.

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