Gramatik Releases “War of the Currents” Remixes EP feat. Gill Chang, Lookas, Awoltalk

It’s been several months since the release of “Epigram”, Gramatik‘s 13th full-length album. This release won’t be forgotten anytime soon though as this summer Gramatik, and his label Lowtemp, are releasing a series of “Epigram” remixes.

Lowtemp presents a “War of the Currents” remixes EP featuring flips by Gill Chang, Lookas, and Awoltalk.

Gramatik - War Of The Currents Remixes
Gramatik – War Of The Currents Remixes

Despite the track being among other heavy cuts on the album, “War Of The Currents” is a stand-out. As a producer, Gramatik is constantly evolving, never settling on one dominant sound for too long. With this track he created something that unmistakably references his past via dubstep infused stabs and rhythmic structure, prominent during his “No Shortcutz” era.

And so a trio of excellent young producers took on the job of creating their own version of Gramatik’s tale:

Gill Chang:

First to get his hands on the track was North Michigan-by-way-of-Taiwan artist, Gill Chang. An expert at crafting chilled out beats that go a step further, he opts for a stripped down and dynamic take on the original, making clever unexpected turns along the way.


Next up to give the “War of the Currents” new life was Lookas, a remixer in high-demand as evidenced by his high profile work for some of the biggest names in the game, including The Chainsmokers.


Rounding up the remixes EP is Miami native, Awoltalk, who twisted and turned Gramatik‘s original into a see-sawing trap number that’s sure to rock crowds everywhere.

Stay tuned for the next remix coming soon, and be sure to catch Gramatik on tour this summer when he’s back in the States.

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