Gorillaz - Feel Good (ASLOVE ft. Daniela Andrade) [Free Download]

Gorillaz – Feel Good (ASLOVE ft. Daniela Andrade) [Free Download]

What’s better than the Gorillaz? Few things, honestly.

French producer and DJ ASLOVE seems to agree, and his deep house remix of the Gorillaz song, “Feel Good”, is a living testament to that idea.

With a supremely chill sound ASLOVE throws Gorillaz’ original into the deep house realm.

Rife with live instrumentation and easygoing vibes, ASLOVE’s “Feel Good” remix is one track that’s destined for laid back late nights and sunny poolsides this summer.

Featuring Daniela Andrade’s stunningly smoky vocals, acoustic guitar croons over a minimal kick and occasional hand percussion to give ALSOVE’s remix an innately human timbre. It’s chill, it’s relaxed, and it’s definitely going to stick in your head. If you’re looking for an artist that encompasses the furthest depths of deep house, then ASLOVE is the producer for you.

Listen to ASLOVE’s remix of the Gorillaz classic “Feel Good” and grab the free download today.

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