German DJ Duo Y.V.E. 48 Craft a Lovely Deep House Single

Two brothers from Berlin are out to make this world a more beautiful place with their music under the moniker, Y.V.E. 48. Rafael has been experimenting with electronic sounds since his early teens while his brother Leo is a classical pianist who successfully graduated from The Juilliard School in New York City. Ever since then they decided to combine their musical worlds to make fresh deep house tunes together.

Last time we showcased these two was for a tropical house track called, ‘Records’ featuring HIER. After hearing that single we have had a close eye on them.

Y.V.E. 48 just released a laid back deep house single, ‘Nothing to Say’.

‘Nothing to Say’ by Y.V.E. 48 feat. LissA

Even though the vocals and beat are light and stunning, the message is melancholy as it speaks to a broken relationship. Perhaps this is an illustration of acting like you are feeling fine on the surface after a break up but really you are hurting.

‘Nothing To Say’ is crafted with gentle vocals by LissA and holds a hypnotic deep house beat to feed the soul.

Listen to ‘Nothing to Say’ by Y.V.E. 48 featuring LissA below:

Also, you must check out their tropical house single called, ‘Records’:

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