Explore 3 Savage Dubstep Tracks by Borgore

We have compiled a few tracks by Borgore that will fill you with bass. The Israelian DJ does not shy away from the sexy side of electronic dance music with his reverberating bass. Each of the selected tracks are built to boost your energy and fill you with swag. Enjoy how he melds genres and takes you on a wicked musical journey through these singles.

Get lost in these three explosive dubstep tracks by Borgore.

The first track we selected is called ‘Daddy’. This one starts as a slow banger and properly teases the drops then delivers a wall of bass at the perfect point.

Listen to ‘Daddy’ by Borgore: 

Borgore ‘Big Bad’

More lyrics are played with in ‘Big Bad’, which are warmly welcomed and of course he does not forget to feed us bass heads on the drop.

Listen to ‘Big Bad’ below:  

Borgore Juicy J ‘Magic Trick’

Juicy J is featured in the last track we selected called, ‘Magic Trick’. This track displays a nice blend of rap and dubstep.

Listen to ‘Magic Trick’ featuring Juicy J below: 

Borgore will be unleashing his dubstep all around the world this summer.

He will be a must see set at Bonnaroo, EDC Las Vegas, Ghost Ship (Spain), Lollapalooza, Veld and all around Canada. Check out his full tour dates and locations by clicking here. Find out for yourself why this man self-proclaims himself as the guy who “ruined dubstep”.

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