Gaia Returns to EDC Las Vegas to Bring the Greatest Hour of Trance You Will Ever Hear

A new Gaia set, for any Trance fan, is one of the greatest blessings Armin van Buuren can bring us. Their last streamed performance at a major festival was over 2 years ago at Ultra Miami 2014, so a new set is long overdue.

Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij returned to EDC Las Vegas as Gaia and showed us what a real trance performance is all about.

Their unique performances solely let the music speak for itself and send the audience into a real State of Trance.

Gaia at circuitGROUNDS, EDC Las Vegas 2016
Gaia at circuitGROUNDS, EDC Las Vegas 2016

Clothed in black hooded cloaks, the two producers never look up from their DJ setup once to engage with the audience. This allows for a fully immersive experience without the DJ screaming “1,2,3 JUMP” every 5 minutes.

By not speaking or moving at all, the audience forgets they’re there and only focus on the music and visuals that are presented to them. After all, the genre is meant to send you into a trance, not focus on the star-studded DJ in front of you.

If you want an hour of pure unfiltered trance music, Gaia always has you covered.

Watch the glorious set below:

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