Fargo’s Mezra Releases Break Out EP, Rock The Party via G-Mafia Records

Mezra has one hand in helping the North Dakota electronic music branch grow and the other paddling through the waters of Miami’s house music scene. His latest Rock The Party EP got picked up by the legendary G-Mafia Records, making for his biggest release yet. The 3-track tech house / G-house collection packs robust, big room feels and captivating technique. Alongside the release comes his G-Mafia mix, giving us a sample of Mezra’s bag of dancefloor bombs.

Kicking things off is the EP titled track, ‘Rock The Party’, featuring a proper four-to-the-floor tech house beat, massive horns and gripping scratch techniques, Merza makes his presence known. ‘I Just Need A BB’ follows, a ruthless, bass-heavy G-house track that keeps things interesting with techno elements. Closing out the EP, ‘So Big And Tasty’, hits you with a wall of bass, an urgent tech house beat and a snappy hook. When the time is right, it will be fun to see what these do to the dancefloor.

Free Download

Free download

Free download

For G-Mafia’s mix #30, Mezra wastes no time delivering the heat with an outstanding opening track, ‘Bodi Bodi’ by Sevenn. While mixing in his new EP amongst tracks by the likes of Eats Everything, Zookeeper, Martin Solveig, Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla and Yozo, Mezra showcases his ability to offer a kinetic set.

Free download

Mezra graduated from the Scratch DJ Academy of Miami in 2017. Since then, Mezra has been a familiar face on the DJ circuit, playing at many different venues, such as Art Walk in Florida, Pickled Parrot in North Dakota, and Vital Vibrations in Minnesota with the intent to create a transcendent experience for his audience.

Enjoy reading more about the North Dakota rave scene and Mezra’s story while exploring more of his hot creations from his former release that initially landed him on our radar, ‘Okay Assets’ and to his nod to Dirtybird, ‘Birdhouse’, all available as a free download.

Mezra shares on the North Dakota scene, “The tech house/ house scene in North Dakota is pretty limited. Most of the folks if into dance or edm style music tend to lean towards the bass heavy/ dubstep style. Couple little venues one call The Pickled Parrot and another call The Aquarium. those are the most notable for throwing parties, rave style events.

There’s one party brand that’s up and coming doing a lot to help the rave scene and they go by Wicked Good Time. With the help of them they are stating to bring more and more rave/ dance music style acts to our small scene and watching it grow from what it was a couple years ago is a nice change. The scenes super small right now but more people discovering the music which I guess in return makes it feel more like a small family right now. With DJ’s/ producers helping each other out and making sure we all try to succeed since we are all doing it for the same reason and the love of music.”

Wicked Good Time
Wicked Good Time
How did you develop your passion to create music? 
My story starts back in high school when I actually started listen to dance music and more specifically Basshunter. It really got me hooked and started attending festivals. Which made me fall even more in love with the music and everything that surrounds that. I really started to peruse my music during collage and after finishing collage I went to Miami and attended Scratch DJ Academy to further my knowledge into production and DJing. Which from there started getting me gigs in the Florida area and then as well as back home once I moved back to ND for a little while. Now I just strive to better my craft making music that makes people dance and hopefully brings them joy like dance music did for me.”

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