French DJ Duo Polo & Pan Drop Chart-Topping Summer Single

Working under their own musical moniker known as “Tropi-French” the duo behind Polo & Pan recently crossed over international audiences and debuted their new track, “Arc en Ciel”.

Featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple’s Best of the Week, this single is quickly gaining traction with its chill ambient vibes and European house roots.

When analyzing the nitty-gritty of “Arc-en-Ciel”, Polo & Pan work very hard ensuring the simplicity of their sound while containing an oddball surprise around every corner. As the simplicity begins to mirror a French-flavored Portugal. The Man, the duo attempt to subvert this notion by substituting a four-on-the-floor house beat to counter any monotony in-between playful sounds. Although this may not be a traditional full-on house electro-pop bonanza straight out of Kylie Minogue’s playbook, Polo & Pan managed to tastefully combine the foundation of electro-pop house elements with a distinct indie pop derivation blaring from the speakers.

Aside from the house beat, the French-based duo also utilizes quirky sounds timed perfectly to perk the ears up of lackadaisical crowd-goers.

As a single, “Arc-en-Ciel” may raise eyebrows to those not familiar with the French lingo, but will have you hooked by the first few bars after hearing the fun for yourself. The sleek production style of their new single will lead into the debut of the deluxe edition of their new LP, Caravelle, on July 13th, with the original amassing over 23 million streams. Stay tuned for the full deluxe edition of their album!

BONUS TRACK: Jungle house single, “Jacquadi”

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