Fred again… and Brian Eno Throw More Logs on the Bonfire with new album, Secret Life

Over the past year Fred again… has being putting out music with the innocence of a child, not having an influence from outsiders perspective to create original compositions that have captured our souls which include:  ‘Danielle (Smile on My Face) , ‘Nathan’, ‘Bleu (Better With Time)’.

Here we are with a complete album from Fred again…, this one is in collaborations with the legendary Brian Eno title, Secret Life.  As fans of introspective transmissions,  ‘Enough’ has the touch with lyrics that appear out of thin air and progressions that will spark compassion.

Fred again... x Brian Eno 'Secret Life'  
Fred again… x Brian Eno ‘Secret Life’

Full of intimate vibes that speak to moments we cherish among the best of our friends, Secret Life is one of the easiest albums to  listen to.

Secret Life follows his Coachella performance alongside Skrillex and Four Tet and the trio’s takeover in Time Square. The real question lies is where can we find Fred again… performing live next. For now, until August 4th for Lallapalooza in Chicago, Fred again… will be in Europe and he will circle back stateside for III Points in Miami October 20th.  Full tour schedule.

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