Dj & Producer Cody Chase Dives Into the Creative Process, Drops New EP

We caught up with DJ and Producer Cody Chase to discuss his latest release ‘Stay Tuned EP’ and delve into his creative process. With this release, Cody Chase is seamlessly merging Techno, Tech House, and Bass House elements, while he continues making waves in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

In this interview, he shares insights into his production approach, the challenges he faced, and the messages he hopes to convey with his music. Get ready to explore the mind of this talented artist as he continues to push boundaries and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Hi Cody Chase! How are you?

I’m fantastic. What a day to be alive! The Mrs. and I are about to welcome our first child, a son into the world sometime in July!

That’s great news! Congrats! So, ‘Stay Tuned’ is out now, can you walk us through your creative process when producing this track? Where did you start, and how did you build the different elements together?

The track first started off with me developing the deep driving bassline you hear prominently throughout the record. Both the Cody Chase and Chasin Records sound revolves around the bassline. Once I got the right bass sound, I dove into producing a complimenting drum groove that incorporates my inspiration from both Techno, Tech House and Bass House. I then layered on top the Techno inspired leads and once I had that, all I had to do was find a deep, hypnotic vocal and the track came together perfectly. 

Does the track have a specific musical influence?

This year I have been incorporating many sounds from different genres and blending them together to create my own unique sounds, and this track pays specific homage to the approach. Taking Inspiration from Bass House, Tech House and Techno and merging the three together is something I am really working on this year both in the studio and on stage.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced during the production of this track? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge on this record was finding the right balance of elements to make the track works for the dancefloor and to keep it interesting. It is a relatively minimal composition, so I had to make sure my sound selection was top notch, and this meant diving deep into synthesizers and to create my own lead sounds. I also went crate digging for the most interesting drum samples I could find, so that I maintained the truest Cody Chase signature sound. 

How did you choose the specific sound elements that you used in this track, such as the drums, synths, and samples? What inspired those choices?

I chose my sounds specifically based on the vibe I wanted to achieve. Of course, this meant a House leaning Techno track, and I had to decide which elements would be more from the House side, and which elements would be more from the Techno side. I decided that my drums and bassline were going to be inspired from the Tech House/House domain, and then the synthesizers vocals and FX come from a more techno background. A perfect synergy of sounds that I love.

What was your favorite part of producing this track? Was there a particular sound or element that you’re especially proud of?

My favorite part of producing this track was definitely creating the unique driving synth sounds. I spent hours processing the lead sounds by adding distortion, playing around with resonance filters and getting the right reverbs and delays to make sure the sounds had the right character I was looking for. 

You know I hadn’t put out a Tech House record up until releasing this EP. While I still think it maintains the same theme my Techno tracks do, it does so with a lighter, more gentle touch. This song was meant to groove, not to bang.

How did you decide on the track’s arrangement and structure? Did you experiment with different variations before settling on the final version?

Because I wanted to create a driving track ready for the dancefloor, I made sure that the record was very drum and bassline driven throughout. I did play around with other variations that had slightly less drum parts and bass energy in the break, but in the end, turned out that it was not what I was looking for. I wanted the energy to be high and consistent but groovy throughout the track, perfect for giving dancers a breather in the club! 

What message or emotion are you hoping to convey to your audience with your latest release?

I always take the perspective of the DJ and party goers in my records more than I do from the Producer’s lens. The difference between good DJ sets and great DJ sets is the ability to create moments. In order for you to create moments, you need to control the energy, some times cranking it up to 11, but other times bringing it down to a 4 or 5. It is the difference in the amplitudes of the energy that creates the contrast from giving the crowd a breathers or make them peak. This track is definitely geared towards grooving, letting listeners catch their breathe before I or another DJ launches into some high energy bangers. 

Lastly, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases or collaborations? Any exciting projects in the works that you can tease?

As of now, I have 5 or 6 tracks scheduled for release over the next few months, some on Chasin Records and others on labels already signed or in discussions with. Keep your ear out, because I have a ton more music in the Techno, Tech House and Bass House genres that are sure to blow dancefloors away. 

With his latest EP ‘Stay Tuned’, Cody Chase has once again demonstrated his ability to blend genres and craft unique sounds that captivate audiences. As he continues to push boundaries and explore the realms of Techno, Tech House, and Bass House, we can expect more electrifying music from him in the coming months.

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