Fedde Le Grand’s Inspirational Video Encourages Music Fans To “Keep On Believing”

As the anticipation and hype builds for Fedde Le Grand’s long-awaited new album release, the Dutch superstar is treating everyone to a sneak peek of things to come. With his latest single, “Keep On Believing,” it’s safe to say Fedde Le Grand is bigger than ever before and has his eyes set on conquering 2016 on his own terms.

This main stage monster is out via Sony and Ultra Music, and is available to stream and download now.

Destined for main stages across the globe and festival circuit this year, “Keep On Believing” is bound to warm up the dancefloor and get your heart rate thumping. The track is uplifting and has the ability to empower the listener. Epic buildups and drops both feature a solid piano and driving force to conquer your fears and rise from the ashes.

Also giving the track a new dimension and surreal energy, the companion short film also shows more of a creative side of Fedde. The accompanying video is another beautiful work of art. With a captivating aura and aesthetic, the film will definitely have you “Keep On Believing”.

Fedde Le Grand - Keep On Believing
Fedde Le Grand – Keep On Believing