fancy monster’s “Adventure” Demonstrates a Darker Style of House

Here at thatDROP, we always like to admire up-and-coming artists and take a minute to appreciate the hustle they are bringing to the table. Someone that’s on our radar is fancy monster. A rising producer based in Los Angeles is giving us all the feels.

His most recent release “Adventure” demonstrates a darker style of house.

fancy monster ‘Adventure’

Anyone who’s a fan of Rezz will have this song on repeat. Other than Rezz, one could definitely hear a similarly to K?D, Virtual Self, Illenium with his incredible future bass tones. Listen to his “Adventure” below.

It’s clear that he’ll hit a home run on Soundcloud due to his eclectic taste and records that mix trap and melodic dubstep.

I really like that he doesn’t just commit to one kind of sound and that he isn’t scared to be unique with an abstract sound. I look forward to seeing what else this fancy monster has in store. Enjoy more of his collection of singles and show him some love by following him on his social media handles linked below.

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