Etnik – Unclassified (Rusko Remix)

Rusko Remix of Etnik - Unclassified
Etnik – Unclassified (Rusko Remix)

The ever-changing OG from England’s dubstep scene, Rusko is back out of the woodwork with a new track release. This time, he’s got a new style that you haven’t seen before.

“Unclassified” is an entirely piano and guitar laden track, unheard of from the mayhem master who brought the likes of “Jehova” and “Cockney Thug” to the world stage a few years back.

“Unclassified” shows a new angle for Rusko and is a solid chilled out track, a big departure from his dubstep and electro inspired work. Akin to Nosaj Thing and Chance The Rapper’s “Cold Stares”, “Unclassified” brings the stresses of the day to rest with its slow and smooth delivery.

Overall “Unclassified” is a great showcase into Rusko’s diversity as a producer, further proving that he is a master of all genres. Whether it’s hard nosed and insanely wonky dubstep, fast-paced electro, funky nu-disco, whatever, his tracks are always something to get hyped about.

Head on down to the link below to catch a listen of Rusko’s remix of “Unclassified” by Etnik.

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