Erotic Cafe’ Seamlessly Melds Melody and Heavy Bass for Medju Gore EP

Medju Gore is the latest release from Italian based production powerhouse Erotic Cafe. When asked about the EP, Erotic Cafe had this to say regarding his efforts on the project; “Algorhythm is one of my favorite tracks that I’ve made up to this point in my career, it came to me after blending four previous production endeavors together. With Hall Right, I wanted to remember that I really love drum & bass music as well as everything else that I’m involved in musically, that’s why I wanted to make something in that direction but still centered around bass music”.

With support from 12th Planet, Reid Speed and Black Sun Empire the project shows no signs of slowing down.

Erotic Cafe’ Medju Gore EP (No Tomorrow Recordings)

Erotic Cafe’ Medju Gore EP (No Tomorrow Recordings):

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