The Father Of Rave Frankie Bones Just Released His “Call It Techno” EP

November 10, 2017 yielded an early Christmas present for renowned pioneer hit-maker Frankie Bones’ fans. We mentioned this news in the past in an interview with the “father of rave” himself. Bones just released his brand new “Call It Techno” EP which harks back to Frankie’s early days. The new EP pays tribute to the extremely influential track which became a cult classic in Germany paving the way for Bones’ success in Europe. He was one of the first American DJs in Europe to make a pronounced splash in the electronic music, and underground performance, community.

Press play and listen to Frankie Bones “Call It Techno” EP as you read on.

The “Call It Techno” EP does not abandon its original roots.

The “original” lights up the room with an infectious bassline, and small memorable sections of melody keep the spirit and vocals retained in this 2017 refresher. Fortunately for new listeners, the new edition of “Call It Techno” doesn’t rely on old, tired conventions to instill nostalgia. Instead it feels like a well-deserved update for a cultural landmark of a track and keeps it current with the trends techno has seen over the last few decades.

Carlo Lio brings back much of the original’s tribal elements not found in the 2017 version.

The intro is quiet, yet poignant, tribal percussion. Lio takes the vocal track for a spin over what some might call Jungle vibes and relies on feverish percussion elements – only laden with synth when necessary.

Raito polishes his own chops as the thick mute bass announces its presence after 7 minutes of tribal bliss.

It is noteworthy to mention that both artists left some form of the iconic vocals intact. This remix of the track will please fans who are used to much more aggressive synth-action and darker vibrations. While the remix is incredibly memorable for its modern, dirty club vibes, it could have gone on a little longer! This remix is a future set finisher.

Frankie himself leaves musical treats for us.

Track four and five showcase two tracks under the name “Light It Up” which carries the techno vibe to the finish line. “Light It Up” features a direct vocal encouraging us to light it up but only if we “got that shit.” Do we? Listen to Frankie Bones’ new “Call It Techno” E.P. and you might just find out.

Pictured: Frankie Bones at Storm Rave 2015 by Drew Gurian

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