Above & Beyond Show Love for Enhanced Progressive’s Offering ‘Who You Are’ from Titus1, Euphoric 72 and Kintsuku

‘Who You Are’ is the latest Enhanced Progressive offering from Titus1, Euphoric 72 and Kintsuku. This trio of talented acts bring together soaring, angelic melodies with a grandiose, gnarly prog trance sound this October on Enhanced Progressive. The production on ‘Who You Are’ from Titus 1 and Euphoric 72 is masterfully executed, the distorted sonics merging effortlessly with Kintsuku’s sublime, breathtaking vocals.  Already getting played by Above & Beyond, “Who You Are” is an amazing comeback production after 4 years of silence for the trance project, Euphoric 72.

Euphoric 72 shares on the release, “Delivering the Euphoric vibes that we all need in the current times. Titus1, Kintsuku, and I give you “Who You Are”.”

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