Electric Forest Encourages Kindness By Granting Wishes

Last year, Electric Forest launched a new piece to their Plug-In Program called, “The EF Wish Machine”; they decided to unveil the new fan appreciation incentive to encourage the Forest Family to spread positivity, kindness, and giving back, while making your dreams a reality.

Well Fam, we have a chance to make our dreams come true again! Electric Forest has just announced The 2019 Wish Machine! This is our chance to make an impact, create change, and dream big. 

Roochute – Photo Credit – Electric Forest

Before you learn more, plug into a Do LaB 2018 Electric Forest Mix of the Week :

The Wish Machine is a gesture of impassioned hope during a time when many wish for change in the world.

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Check out what the EF Site has to say!

What can you do in your community?
What is your vision of kindness, your gesture of keen hope? You can plant a seed by donating time in a community garden, organizing a trash cleanup, giving a free art class, feeding unhoused people, raising funds for a local nonprofit, or teaching a child to read. What you choose to do is up to you.

HQ will choose some efforts to travel full circle.
The reward from The Forest can be BIG or small. Would you like to meet your favorite artist? Get a free wristband for your friend? Receive unlimited snacks from your favorite vendor? Have HQ book a set for your band? Whatever you wish is fair game.

We come to Electric Forest to find heroes in each other. We leave to be heroes in the world.
Submit your wish now, keep track of your progress, and stay tuned!”

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What an amazing opportunity! Kindness, radical acceptance, and good deeds are what make The Forest such a special place. It’s creates a place where we are comfortable and feel at home, this is our chance to give that feeling to others outside of the Forest Community!

Should you wish to participate, you’ll need to put those thinking caps on! What is your EF Dream?

What would you do to have it granted? For example, “If I volunteer for the local homeless shelter once a week until EF2019, the Electric Forest will let me have lunch with Bassnectar!”

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Some of the 2018 Granted Wishes included:

The Wally Tree – Photo Credit – Electric Forest

Jake And “The Wally Tree” – Jake was dedicated to planting trees in his community of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to provide a sustainable and positive impact on our planet. In return, Jake wished to celebrate the life of Wally Wojack – Sherwood Forest’s beloved original Lorax, and a very valued member of the Forest Family – by planting a tree in Sherwood Forest in honor of his legacy.

THE FINAL 2018 WISH “GRANT” – A GRiZ Secret Set woodland Surprise. 

Over 5,000 proposals were submitted, 15 wishes were selected to support, celebrate, and reward. To wrap up the 2018 Wish Machine and acknowledge all GRANTed wishes, The Forest surprised wishers with an opportunity to meet and enjoy an intimate secret set from GRiZ.

Photo Credit – Electric Forest

The winners had no idea about the surprise and believed their wishes had been granted by being invited to attend the festival with their friends; they were told to meet at a designated spot, where they were shuttled to a secret woodland location. Along with the secret set, they enjoyed pizza, and an impromptu meditation session led by GRiZ himself. Check it out below;

2018’s Wish Machine sparked inspiration from across the globe, in local communities in Michigan, across the US, it even spanned all the way to Cambodia and Tanzania. Doing what they could, for their communities, neighborhoods, individuals in need, and societies; the Forest Family made the effort to help make the world a better place. From fundraising to raising awareness, donating, and volunteering, positivity was spread far and wide, and The Forest rewarded the most awe-inspiring acts of kindness.

Read more stories about last year’s granted wishes, and submit your 2019 Wish now. The Wish Machine is another example of Electric Forest’s monumental commitment to generating ways for the Forest community to form an experience that means more.

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The Electric Forest “Plug In” Program offers many ways for fans to gain extraordinary participatory access to the festival. Check out more info and ways to get involved HERE.

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Electric Forest sets itself apart from most other festivals distinctly because of their conscious decisions to continuously find ways to care, give back, and encourage kindness.

The 2019 Electric Forest info will be released soon and tickets will go on sale in December and make sure to check out our review of Weekend One of Electric Forest 2018.

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