Perth-based duo, Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers, were introduced to Australia’s electronic dance music scene back in 2014. However, this pair and their melodic, vocally driven bass music have reached far beyond the Aussie borders after signing with Diplo’s record label, Mad Decent.

Slumberjack gained many admirers after their Diplo & Friends takeover and after the release of their music video for ‘Open Fire’ featuring vocalist Daniel Johns.

Slumberjack is a truly self-aware, magnetic twosome.

Two musicians who know solidarity drives growth and creativity, which in return breeds an authentic, alluring collaboration. This dynamic pair can energize any room just by entering it. Then and Ehler’s polar souls radiate magnetic chemistry, timeless taste, and passionate complexity. Every Slumberjack track release leads to an increase of their admirable, loyal fanbase.

Don’t sleep on their latest EP; listen below.

Slumberjack Fracture Tour
Photo via Slumberjack’s Twitter | Slumberjack

Fracture EP:

The first track, ‘Afraid, Unafraid’, features rising vocalist Sydnee Carter.

Three minutes of catchy hooks, synth swoops, and romantic lyrics. Carter’s angelic voice belts out over the production.

“I was unafraid to start a fire

I was just afraid of the fall

Now I’m not afraid anymore…”

The second track, ‘Paralyse’, opens with atmospheric vocals and mellow breakbeat rhythms which lead to a reviving drop. This track is filled with revitalizing synths and dreamy, heartbreaking vocals.

“Found me on the road again

You’re letting me down

And I tried to make it home

And then I figure you out

Leave my heart, I’m paralyzed…”

Slumberjack 2014 facebook
Photo via Slumberjack’s Facebook | Slumberjack Duo: Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers

The third banger on Slumberjack‘s latest EP features stunning vocalist KLP. This four minute track, ‘Take Me’, switches up the EP’s pace with high energy.

“Feel my hands, they’re holding on so tight…”

Followed by a haunting, yet mesmerizing interlude, ‘Cradle to Grave‘.

Once you press play, you feel as if you are wandering in the forest alone; seeking solitude and peace. Suddenly, the energy in the air feels dangerous; birds flock over your head and clouds roll in. You start panicking in distress and take off running as if you are lost. Just when you think you aren’t going to make it, a sunlit path is in eyesight and an angel appears playing a flute. The light shines again… as you are lead into the final track.

The last track, ‘Fracture, is melodic house piece that is absolutely soul wrenching.

This song features beautiful vocals from Vera Blue. Blue’s voice lures you in, painting a picture of an overwhelming love story, while you wait for the bass drop.

“Don’t go overthinking, trying to rebuild this

Just take it as it comes

There is always something that pulls me on

When it’s all done, can we begin?

Need to feel like you’re still on my side…”

Slumberjack’s tour is officially SOLD OUT in Australia! #fracturetour

Slumberjack Facebook: Morgan Then and Fletcher Ehlers
Photo via Slumberjack’s Facebook |  Slumberjack

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