DMVU Drops The Temperature With Summer Single “Peach Smoothie”

Following a 10 month musical hiatus, dubstep mastermind DMVU returns to Liquid Stranger‘s signature WAKAAN label with a bass fueled rager of a track that goes by the name “Peach Smoothie”. As the lead single preceding his “The Chain” EP, “Peach Smoothie” is a bass pulverizing track that turns the temps down real low in it’s many waves.

Cred. DMVU

The track opens up with a popping frenzy of sound and slowly builds on layers with hi-hats and bass. Before long, the listener is pulled into the blender as the first drop hits. From here, it’s a free for all. The drop mashes together a dense layer of sound and pulverizes as it swishes between grooves. This track brings the heat as it sends chills down your spine. Before you know it, you too will be blended to an icy pulp.

Set for release on August 24, DMVU‘s “The Chain” EP will bring the listener through many dystopian dimensions of sound and bass that only he can bring to the table. This eight-track record is filled to burst with heavy basslines, dynamic melodies, and monstrously devastating drops. The Chain is a sonic masterpiece that will have listeners caught in a daze.

Cred. DMVU

DMVU is the alter ego of Denver based producer Matthew Philpott-Jones. The project came to light in 2015 after over half a decade of creating and releasing music under other aliases. He was initially inspired to start producing beats so he could rap over them before he quickly learned that he sucks at rapping. This naturally lead to exploring his own sound design that eventually found its way into the bass music scene. With releases on veteran labels like Circus Records, WAKAAN and Deep Dark & Dangerous, he’s no stranger to head banging festival crowds and while he has plenty of hip hop and dubstep influences to their core his sound is not bound by any genre or scene. He has since released a successful ambient project on Dome of Doom which became a top electronic album of 2020 on Bandcamp, as well as melodic electronic R&B with releases through Loci records and on Future Archive as part of the indie pop duo Ghost Creek. His path is unique to the electronic producer scene in that it is expanding in all directions with a big 2021 planned to release his follow up ambient album, the debut Ghost Creek EP, Hip Hop production and diving even deeper into the most progressive Brainfeeder-esque bass music his fans have come to know him for in recent years.

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