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Just a few months ago we had started planning our first journey to Electric Forest 2018, we had no clue what was in store for us. We were so excited to finally be making it to the Forest after only dreaming of attending for many years prior.

Little did we know, it would be so much more than just a festival.

Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest
Electric Forest 2018 Forest Stage- photo credit Electric Forest

After a 24 hour journey to Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan, to attend Weekend One of the enticing festival, we quickly set up our camp and rushed to make it to see Jade Cicada and CloZee. Walking up to the entrance, I had so much energy and excitement running through me it was almost surreal that I was finally there. Everything about the Forest is astonishing. The natural beauty of the towering trees, the immense number of details from the lights, to the decorations, the fairy boxes, to the scavenger hunts; I was in complete and utter awe.

It was so easy and peaceful to get lost in the trees, this place is magical.

Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest
Electric Forest 2018 – Silent Disco photo credit Electric Forest

The festival is completely interactive, with so many ways to get involved.

While exploring The Hangar, which held a Barber Shop, “Tattoo Shop”, a Time Travel Agency, The Carousel Club, a Pawn Shop, a Game Hall, an Automotive Garage, and so much more; we took part in a few scavenger hunts that lead to some pretty awesome secret perks. The performers made our experience so enjoyable, with their quirky and whimsical disposition. We had a blast joking around with them all weekend. Not to mention, every single person we encountered was so nice! It was like we were at a festival full of friends. The vibe was something completely incomparable to any other festival. With the same concept as the Fairy Boxes; The Giving Tree was amazing, it was a place where you could come and drop off a gift and pick one up as well. 

There is something so, so special about the Forest; it’s a place where your soul feels at home.

Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest
Photo Credit – Rachel VB – Friday Sunrise

Friday’s sunrise was phenomenal, I had never seen something so vibrant and beautiful. It was quite the sight to see; setting the tone for an exquisite weekend ahead.

Electric Forest 2018 – Tripolee photo credit Electric Forest

We had the opportunity to attend some of the Yoga at Tripolee on Friday morning with Hannah Muse, it was perfect to stretch our soon to be achy bodies before getting the day started. We were also able to catch some of The UNTZ Panel with um.. & Luzcid in The Brainery, in addition to seeing some beautiful souls share a piece of themselves during Electric Poetry.

Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest
Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest

After getting ready, we wandered into the festival, and headed over to Forest Stage to let Tsuruda put us in a trance. We let the music take us over as we noodled. Shortly after we scurried to Big Something at the Observatory, where we jammed out to some pretty amazing tunes. Friday night also held one of our favorite sets; Mersiv at the Grand Artique Trading Post. Man, what a solid set. You will definitely want to keep an eye on this amazing artist as he grows! We also swayed to the pleasant sounds of GRIZ Live Band in the Ranch Arena, and closed out the night inside by headbanging to Jauz‘s tasty set.

Electric Forest 2018 Photo Credit – Rachel VB – Mersiv @ Grand Artique
Electric Forest 2018 Photo Credit – Rachel VB – Mersiv @ Grand Artique

Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest

We spent some time at the RV parties after the festival closed each night, and boy was that a good time! It was so cool to have little stages to explore while winding down for the night. Our favorite was hosted by Evol Chicago; they brought in a big semi stage and lit up the RV grounds with beautiful neon lights, while bringing out many talented souls to play us the most solid tunes to noodle to while watching the sunrise. We also enjoyed ” Struggle Bus” After Party” with Bob Lemon and The Dropout.

Electric Forest 2018 Photo Credit – Evol Chicago – Evol Afters RV Party
Electric Forest 2018 photo credit Electric Forest

Saturday was the day we had been waiting for. We started our night with DROELOE, then wandered to Sherwood Court to see The Glitch Mob get down. We enjoyed Two Feet at Jubilee, and bounced around to some Maximono before heading to the moment we had anticipated for months; Bassnectar at Ranch Arena.

The “King of Sound” played a euphoric, serene set that had us in tears of joy. Opening with one of our favorite songs, “Where Is My Mind”, as well as dropping a remix of Purity Ring‘s “Flood on the Floor”; that hour and a half was by far one of the best moments of my life. After collecting our emotions, we closed out the night wiggling to some San Holo at Tripolee.

Electric Forest 2018 – Jubilee photo credit Electric Forest
Electric Forest 2018 – Sherwood Court photo credit Electric Forest

Sunday came way too fast, we found ourselves in a bittersweet state. It was so hard to grasp that we soon would be packing up and heading home. I really didn’t ever want to leave. Sunday was filled with tons of good music and lots of walking to see everything we could one more time. We started our evening with Hotel Garuda and Mija at Tripolee, before heading to Manic Focus at Ranch Arena. Boogie T had us noodling hard at Sherwood Court before heading to Tripolee to see CharlestheFirst. Rufus Du Sol’s set was pure bliss, the peaceful jams had us swaying with the trees. Malaa had us dancing like fools before closing out the festival with Buku.

Electric Forest 2018 – The Giving Tree photo credit Electric Forest

Overall, Electric Forest has become my favorite festival.

I have never been more overjoyed. Everything about the Forest, the music, the art, even the attendees; everything was so welcoming and heart warming. I was exactly where I needed to be. Thank you Insomniac and Madison House for creating a place for our souls to frolic freely. I am so honored to have been able to be a part of something so amazing. I can’t wait to return for both weekends next year!

photo credit Electric Forest – The Wally Tree

Read up and watch a video about the beginnings of Electric Forest, all starting with Wally, who was with us in spirit this year!

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