Disclosure Celebrates New Era With Surprise Alchemy Album

Amidst departure from Capitol Records, Disclosure celebrates a new era with their fourth studio album, AlchemyThe grammy nominated duo surprised fans by announcing the new project just a couple days before its release.

Released through the act’s own label Apollo Records, Alchemy is “a celebration of us feeling liberated right now,” explains Guy. “We’re no longer signed to a major record label. We’re not going to tour this record. We can do whatever we like and be super creative.”

In comparison to previous works, this album doesn’t feature any samples or guest features. The pair emphasizes a new found groove with the title track, and the first track to kick off the album, “Looking For Love”. It’s a funky, fresh, and positive spin that is felt throughout the entirety of the album.

Disclosure showcases their versatile skillset with additional tracks like “Higher Than Ever Before”, which features a hefty drum and bass breakdown. Along with this, “Sun Showers” hits the spot for trance enthusiasts.

A statement accompanying the release states that Howard and Guy of Disclosure wrote the album when the duo were both at very different places in life. Its creation was a type of alchemy.

“There was this combination of deep heartbreak and sadness, but also deep admiration and appreciation,” Howard recounts. “Let’s turn this horrible feeling into something beautiful. The whole idea was to channel pain into beauty—which, in hindsight, is always the aim.”

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