Dirty Audio Crafts a Melodic Remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way” [Free Download]

After a gargantuan 2017 power-lap for LA-based trap music producer Dirty Audio, 2018 looks like a mere victory lap with the release of his new free music download.

Dirty Audio spins a captivating and unconventionally melodic remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way”.

DJ Snake’s “In A Different Way”

Unlike his past work which featured heavier trap music elements, Dirty Audio’s “A Different Way” remix re-examines the relationship progressive house can have with its trap counterpart. While the drop may be light, the producer himself took great care to reconcile the harder elements of the drop to eventually blend it with the vocals and mold a cohesive tune.

Clocking in at a mere 3 minutes, Dirty Audio’s remix utilizes chill synths not normally characteristic to the genre which ends sooner than the listener could hope. “A Different Way” is a peerage into the mind of an artist who wishes to branch out and not be confined by a singular genre which might have made them famous.

Welcome to an exciting new phase of Dirty Audio’s career.

Listen to and download for free Dirty Audio’s remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way”:

Dirty Audio’s impact on the trap music may be distinct, but his remix of DJ Snake’s “A Different Way” displays enough versatility to convert a slew of fans outside of their usual genre. Grab the free download here. Also, take a listen to Dirty Audio’s originals below.

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