Dillon Francis Has Fun On Twitter As He Releases New Single

Add Dillon Francis to the list of Dj/producers attempting to make the crossover to the pop/mainstream music world. The 28-year old American DJ released a new single titled “Anywhere” featuring vocals from Britain vocalist Will Heard.

You will likely be hearing the song on your radio and in your local club soon, as the feel-good melody comes with a catchy chorus that repeats the line “I’ll take you anywhere I go, anywhere” four times.

Does Dillon Francis Take Anything Seriously?

Dillon Francis Anywhere
Dillon Francis Anywhere

Dillon Francis made more headlines this week when he announced he would be willing to be handcuffed to NGHTMRE for an entire week for the price of $200,000. Deadmau5 doesn’t miss an opportunity to have some fun on Twitter and started to back and forth with Francis over the proposition.

Francis explained how he and NGHTMRE would have to do everything together, from going to the bathroom to playing shows. Deadmau5 asked if he can have a say in the activities if he ponies up the cash, which then turned into a conversation about a big-shot roulette game between the two and Zedd the featured bets of $50,000. Must be nice right?

If Francis’ latest hit “Anywhere” starts to gain traction, Francis will be able to bet $50,000 on black or red anytime he wants. The song has potential with a positive beat and the oh so important short and catchy chorus. Maybe Dill doesn’t need to offer being chained to another dude for $200,000 if this song explodes.

Listen to Dillon Francis Anywhere below:

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