Denis Kenzo Crafts An Ethereal Progressive Trance Track

Denis Kenzo often brings together dreamy vocals and uplifting melodies when crafting his music. ‘Dancing In The Dark’ actually has a darker sound than many on his previous tracks. This surprisingly complements the angelic vocals and thoughtful lyrics, demonstrating this artist’s creativity.

'Dancing in the Dark' progressive trance track Denis Kenzo
‘Dancing In The Dark’ by Denis Kenzo & Hanna Finsen via Soundcloud

A pulsating bass line carries the song along like Denis often features in his progressive trance tracks.

It becomes more blissful during an intriguing bridge that leads into the melodic hook. The DJ draws on a charming guitar sample that melds with the vocals, guiding the track into one very epic buildup and a massive drop.

With such a captivating sound, many trance acts will likely feature this powerful progressive track in their sets during festival season this year. Hopefully it will make it into your playlist, too.

Listen to Denis Kenzo’s progressive trance track ‘Dancing In The Dark’ below:

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