Mystic Wind Slays the Violin for Deep Tech Release, ‘Calm is Contagious’

“There is a calm and abiding awareness inside you that is ancient and all knowing. This Divine Mind is the source of everything. It is the eternal breath where all ideas and forms emerge from.

It is the part of you that can never be overwhelmed, overcome or destroyed. It is the primal source of all existence and life and it is always nearby.” This is the message from Mystic Wind for ‘Calm is Contagious’.

With a piecing violin dancing over a deep tech beat, ‘Calm is Contagious’, speaks to you and packs that “Mmm” factor. Similar to his first four releases, Mystic Wind offers a mature sound that will fuel you through sunrise and take you on a journey within.

Download ‘Calm is Contagious’ 

While attending UC Boulder Mystic Wind instinctually started to progress his 10 years of classic violin training by covering STS9 and creating organic electronic music soundscapes that have stunned afterparties and summoned big dance parties for his carefully curated renegade sets during Hulaween.

With a spontaneous approach and sound suiting for a warehouse or moon rave, Mystic Wind’s niche happily marries jam band vibes with sounds at the forefront of electronic music.

photo credit Fearnow Media

Now with appearances at The House of Blues in Chicago, The Fillmore Auditorium in Philadelphia and The Tabernacle in Atlanta as well as gatherings throughout his home base, Atlanta, Mystic Wind has established himself as a true asset within the music industry.

A student of music, philosophy, history, spirituality and meditation, the forward-thinking artist seeks to draw you closer to your creative nature. Enjoy Mystic Wind’s set with Miami’s Sahara Strauss under the Aquarius full moon on August 2nd, 2020 for Mooncendance.  

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