Danelle And Salda Release An Addicting Indie Electronic Single

Danelle and Salda create another catchy indie electronic track together called, ‘Nobody’. Based on the fact Danelle just started putting music up on Soundcloud this year, her success is unprecedented. Her music is already being played on radio stations and her track with Salda and Dim Sum called, ‘Numb‘, reached number one on Hype Machine for being the most remixed track.

Salda lays down the beautiful guitar progressions in this track and he is always adding valuable support to the artists he works with, especially the Austin John Winker band.

‘Nobody’ by Danelle & Salda

Take some quality time for yourself by listening to, ‘Nobody’.

Listen to and download ‘Nobody’ by Danelle & Salda below:

Also, check out Danelle‘s freshly released debut EP, ‘Broken Sentences’ by clicking here.

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