You’ll Need Church After What This TINCUP Production Does To You

The first single of Crichy Crich & King Tutt’s Albert Einstein EP, “Sins” will have needing a confession after the filthy things it will make you do.

Simply put, this track goes hard.

TINCUP went in and absolutely snapped on the production and the freestyle laid down over the beat packs an attitude. “Eat it like an edible” you say? Trying to consume this track might cause you to choke because it’s so massive, but after getting it down your appetite for rated-R trap music will definitely be satisfied.

Scoop up the free download, press play, and get ready to bang with “SINS” by Crichy Crich, King Tutt, and TINCUP.

Time to go to church.

Crichy Crich x King Tutt - SINS (Produced By TINCUP)
Crichy Crich x King Tutt – SINS (Produced By TINCUP)