Corey Feldman Teases Plans with Holistic Record Label, Cosmic Wire 

In the coming weeks American Icon, Corey Feldman, will release his debut single under Cosmic Wire. Corey Feldman shares, “this new collaboration is going to take the music to a whole other level. This is some of the best music I have written and produced. I am super excited to be working with BLAZAR in the studio, get involved with Cosmic Wire who are doing so many innovative and creative things and for the whole new launch. I can’t wait for the world to get a taste of what we are about to share.” 

Corey Feldman Signs to Cosmic Wire Earth Day 2021

Cosmic Wire label head and electronic music producer BLAZAR shares, “we’re so excited to welcome Corey to the Cosmic Wire family. This is a reinvention, something new, and something brilliant, from one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. Corey is the real deal, and we’re excited to show the world what that means.” 

The synth tinged release will be a piece of Corey Feldman’s forthcoming album, Love Left 2, that will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of his debut album with the Love Left 2.1 box set full of artifacts while more of his novelty art will soon surface once his NFT platform goes live.  Details about Corey Feldman NFTs will be revealed soon. 

In 1986, the same year Stand by Me came out, Corey Feldman recorded his first record that is set to be released alongside his upcoming sampler album, LOVE RETURNS. Beyond rocking a solo project, Corey Feldman is the lead singer for the all-star band, Truth Movement, with Scott Page from Pink Floyd

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