CloZee - Sankar's Lake [Free Download]
CloZee – Sankar’s Lake [Free Download]
On August 11, 2015 French producer Chloe Herry AKA CloZee unleashed a sparkling sonic gem unto the world. It’s name: Revolution.

Released via Gravitas Recordings, CloZee’s Revolution is an exceptional 5-track EP that’s steeped in organic instrumentation, worldly rhythm, and floating timbre.

The third track from CloZee’s pay-what-you-want Revolution release, “Sankar’s Lake”, is a perfect embodiment of the EP’s deeply cerebral vibe.

With a sitar guiding the song’s first seconds, hand percussion greets listeners and intertwines to provide intense polyrhythms that propel the track. Sawtooth synths make their way to the forefront, contrasting their jagged warmth with the track’s more smooth and subdued sound.

Constantly reinventing the status quo, “Sankar’s Lake” exhibits a smooth fluidity that few tracks comprehend. Keeping things fresh through the rapid introduction of different instrumentation and melody, CloZee’s “Sankar’s Lake” has the power to entrance listeners along its journey.

If you’re looking for an artist who takes an innately intellectual approach to the almighty groove, look no further than CloZee’s Revolution EP – it’ll take you places.

Listen to CloZee’s “Sankar’s Lake” and grab the free download below.

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