CLOUDCHORD Delivers Stunning Remix of Matoma’s “Running Out”

Matoma is no stranger to thatDROP, being one of the biggest names in the tropical/melodic house scene. His debut album, Hakuna Matoma, took an innovative approach to delivering a body of work; unlike a traditional album, it is being continually updated.

This quasi-album/playlist format allows the audience to follow him through his musical journey without compromises.

CLOUDCHORD delivers a beautiful tropical remix of Matoma’s hit with Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S, “Running Out”.

Matoma & Astrid S - Running Out (CLOUDCHORD Remix)
Matoma & Astrid S – Running Out (CLOUDCHORD Remix)

With catchy guitar rhythms and piano chords mixed with great vocal chops, this remix captures what is great about the tropical house genre.

Often times, genres turn into parodies of themselves and end up being too monotonous for the listener after their initial breakthrough. He manages to add to the beauty of the genre without the song being just another Kygo or Matoma imitation.


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