Choosing the Best Ear Plugs for Music

One of the most rewarding things is a career in music. Nevertheless, it can be dangerous since there are those who listen to music, practice or perform without appropriate ear protection. Thus, ear plugs exist for these purposes.

You are perhaps searching for the most ideal ear plugs for certain occasions such as musical events, festivals or concerts. Thus, here are some aspects that you need to consider in selecting the best ear plugs for music purposes.


The best ear plugs should be comfortable to use. During festivals, concerts or any activity in clubs, it is necessary for you to wear ear plugs to protect your hearing in a comfortable manner. Custom fit ear plugs are the most comfortable type of ear plugs since they best fit the ears. Nevertheless, there are custom-fit ear plugs that are quite pricey. This is the reason why most people prefer universal ear plugs over custom-fit ones since they have numerous types of foam ear tips and silicone tips that exist in several sizes.

Blocking and filtering

In selecting the best ear plugs, you also need to consider the blocking of sound. Do not go for foam ear plugs or earmuffs since these strongly obstruct sound and give you that “underwater” feeling. Though foam ear plugs are most recommended for sleeping purposes, they are not ideal for listening or being aware of the environment around you.

Ear plugs will help solve the problem of blocking. Sound waves may go through a small opening and enter a resonating acoustic channel, and ear plugs ensure that both speech and music will be heard clearly.


Price is also one aspect to consider in choosing the best ear plugs. Most custom ear plugs are costly because of the process of how they are designed and the materials from which they are made. Foam plugs, on the other hand, can be bought for only a few cents and some can be bought in bulk for just less than $10. Universal earplugs range between $10 and $40, taking into consideration the brand and type to be bought.

Noise reduction

In choosing the most appropriate ear plugs, you need to consider the level of decibel reduction. A music concert should have a decibel (dB) level of about 100db. Some concerts should have a decibel range of 100db to 105db. Ear plugs are therefore recommended in order to decrease the decibel level between 15db and 20db, which is safer for your ears. Consider normal conversations that have a decibel level of about 60db when buying ear plugs.


Universal ear plugs are generally easier to replace. Brands can be easily switched and you can also purchase the same pair of ear plugs for the replacement of a lost plug. This is more difficult with custom-made plugs since replacing these requires a consultation with an audiologist.

Ear plug type

The silicone or foam tips of universal ear plugs are suitable for anyone since the silicone material can be easily cleaned. Moldable ear plugs though cannot be plugged and played. This is because they need to be heated, cooled down at a specific temperature and shaped similar to your ear. They need to be hardened as well before wearing them. Nevertheless, moldable ear plugs are often made from sticky and soft material, which makes them difficult to clean.

On the other hand, audiologists design custom fit ear plugs. They are most appropriate for you since they are shaped to fit your ear. Nevertheless, the price is what makes them challenging to acquire.

Since loud music contributes to the degrading of our sense of hearing over time, it is necessary to choose ear plugs suitable for your listening needs. Finding the best ear plugs is highly important to prevent loss of hearing, promote a better sound experience, and avoid compromise when it comes to the quality of musical performances you hear.