Gill Chang’s Clean Chill Trap Brings Awareness To Sea Slavery

Ever since ‘Story‘ we have been keeping an ear out for what Gill Chang puts out. The Tiawanese, Los Angeles mixing & mastering expert has been busy in the studio, producing one in particularly banging trap track, ‘don’t need this shit’.

Gill Chang ‘don’t need this shit’

Believe it or not, ‘don’t need this shit’ is not Gill Chang’s biggest accomplishment over the past few months. Just recently he landed an interesting opportunity to work with New York Times writer Ian Urbina on an audio-visual project that raises awareness on lawlessness in the oceans and connects journalism with music.

Along Ian Urbina‘s adventure around the world uncovering harsh realities of what happens at sea from human slavery to real life pirates, he recored sounds to help tell his story and with the intentions to share the sounds with musicians. Among the musicians selected to implement  Urbina’s sounds was Gill Chang for his project, ‘No Oceans Unturned’.

Gill Chang on ‘No Oceans Unturned’:

“I want my music to convey a more serious tone to reflect the consequences of lawlessness at sea. I want my music to complement the book’s darker, melancholy moods. Interestingly, however, the chapter that resonated with me the most was “The Rusty Kingdom.” This chapter’s central topic of one family declaring its own country in the sea, Sealand, was in itself silly and playful, which I appreciate. The chapter highlights the absurdity of the issue while revealing the various social and economic consequences that arise when no legal authority exists to police these sorts of stories.”

Beyond the last few months, Gill  has become a well-established sound designer and provides services such as mastering and mixing. His Childhood Vol. 1 sample pack charted #1 pack on Splice for 5 straight weeks.

Gill Chang releases’ have been supported by reputable labels a such as Big Beat Records, Trap Nation and Mr Suicide Sheep. Keep an ear out for what he puts out next, but first pick up your free download of ‘Story’.

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