Career Benefits Brought to You by the CompTIA Security+ Certification

Who was not dreaming of promotion and better career prospects at least once? Still, the main question is, how to make all this true. Some count on working experience, others try to provide exceptional results sacrificing personal time. There are so many ways but only a few will work for everyone who follows them. One such path is earning a certification.

If you want to build a career in the cybersecurity field take a look at the CompTIA Security+ credential. Below, you’ll find out why it has become so popular amidst other similar options available.

CompTIA Security+ Overview

Site is one of the most sought-after badges in cybersecurity. It validates one’s skills in using brand new security tools and technologies, managing risks, designing secure networks, responding appropriately to threats, and implementing PKI.

To earn this certification, you have to Author: KALEB D to prove your proficiency. It consists of 90 questions to be answered within 90 minutes and will cost you $349. Considering such a fee and a need to prepare thoroughly to handle quite an intense pace of the test, you need to know how you’ll benefit once passing it.

Perks of Getting Security+ Certified

The career benefits brought to you by the Security+ credential are immense. To name a few, you can get:

  • Information about the latest technologies and solutions. The Security+ syllabus is built according to the industry standards with the contribution of reputed organizations like Northrop Grumman, Author: KIT C , The Joint Commission, and more. It gives you the most essential and frequented set of skills that will help you work in security-related job roles. This makes it simpler for you to adjust to the working styles in top-tier companies and prove yourself to be a competent and valuable employee.
  • Recognition for your level of expertise. If you want to pass the interview phase successfully, you have to first catch the recruiter’s attention. The best way to do it is to have a renowned certification in your CV. And since CompTIA is accepted with glee all over the world, you have the chance to easily stand out and get recognized for the skills you Author: STEPHEN R .
  • Access to more job opportunities with higher salaries. There are numerous job roles in the IT security sector. But to access more of them you are required to have some extra skills, and the CompTIA Security+ badge can help you with this. Moreover, there are instances where this accreditation is listed as a requirement. Some examples for such positions are a systems administrator, network administrator, security administrator, security specialist, security consultant, etc. Author: MYLO F  it comes to salaries, states that you can expect to receive up to $113k per annum with this credential.
  • Eligibility for promotions and better job security. Gaining new knowledge is a good way to prepare yourself for a promotion. But to actually become eligible for one, you have to show off your newfound skills as well as your readiness to constantly update them. It’s not easy to accomplish that unless you have the time to keep in touch with every development in the Author: NIKODEM V . However, if you follow the Security+ certification course, you can get all the needed competencies in one go.


Having a certification from a renowned provider is a great way to boost your IT career. And CompTIA is the ideal option for it! With its Security+ badge under your belt, you can be assured of your success in gaining and maintaining a good working reputation in the cybersecurity field.

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