Canada’s Best Kept Secret, CHKRΔ, Releases Debut EP, Muladhara

The Winnipeg based rising producer, CHKRΔ is gearing up for his debut EP release party hosted by Canada´s beloved bass music party brand Hectic Events. This will be his first headlining slot, but Kenny is no stranger to a big stage as he has opened for Excision, Bear Grillz and Drezo. His dark, experimental mid-tempo sound fits in perfect with these artists.

As CHKRΔ prepares for his release party and a pivotal set at Ever After we got an exclusive interview.

CHKRA EP Release Party

Listen to CHKRΔ’s Muladhara EP:

Can you tell us a little about the meaning behind your first EP? What intentions did you put into creating it?

Mulahdara represents the root chakra; the root of my existence. I know it sounds sophomoric, but I look at my life in its current state as darkness, and the music from the EP as the seed or the opportunity to firmly plant myself so that I can grow, piece by piece from the ground up. My intentions were clear and that was to establish the building blocks, my first steps to self awareness and the foundation for others to do the same. This EP is a real-time reflection of where I am at this very instance in life. From here on out, wherever I go and whatever I do with my music will be a reflection of my current state of awareness. That will always remain my intention.

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Ah yeah, so Muladhara is the perfect name for your debut EP as it represents the first chakra, the beginning of your journey to becoming connected with your higher self. Can you give our readers a layman’s explanation of the 7 chakras?

Of course! So basically the 7 chakras are energy wheels located in a being. Starting at the bottom of the spine and working your way up to the crown of your being, these energy wheels are, in simple terms, the steps or process you must complete to be able to able to connect with yourself on such a level that isn’t physical.


Does your music include frequencies that are known to activate chakras? If so what is that frequency and what chakras do they activate? 

The frequencies that “trigger” the opening or the release of energy which you are referring to are actually part of a bigger project that I am working on that ties things everything together. The release of the most recent EP “Mulahdara” does not incorporate a specific frequency but is rather focused on communicating my connection to my root chakra. Being that music is made up of a number of frequency and that everyone is at a different conscious level, the idea is to bring forward a sound that has the ability to enact an experience that is different for every listener.

When and where did you start your electronic music journey?

I wish I had a better answer for you, but I can’t remember when and where it started. I have been on this journey for as long as I can remember. I feel as though there have been several new beginnings rather than one fixed point in time. This is to say that when one is constantly evolving and changing as we all are, it is quite easy to loose track, even forget ourselves.

I do remember thinking about how the shape of the EDM community has changed over the last few years. It developed in to this thing where if you weren’t part of it, you weren’t for a lack of better words considered “in the know” or “cool” or in my case “accepted.” That was definitely a trigger for me. What was once considered a place of refuge is now sold to people as a way to purchase and obtain a false sense of social acceptance, which don’t get me wrong is a great way for people to come together and enjoy life’s most amazing gift, but it didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to make a change of my own. I wanted to help people find their own path; to bring back the authenticity of what electronic used to be based on. The love not just for others, but most importantly the love of oneself.

Do you believe music heals people?

I don’t believe music heals people, not by any direct means. I believe that everything has a vibration and when we feel wounded, or we feel like we cannot go on, it is our own vibrational being that is no longer in sync. I think that music has the ability to course correct our vibrational flow. When we vibrate higher, we can manifest, when we can manifest we have the power to heal ourselves, when we have the power to heal ourselves, we too can heal others. Music shows us the path but it doesn’t do the work for us.

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What or who inspired you to write that story for your Facebook account? I like the message of performing like you are performing for the king.

I’m flattered, but I cannot take credit for writing that story. As I mentioned before, my talent lies in music; that is my poetic outlet. I do very clearly remember that show though, it was one of the first times I ever played live. The power did go out and everyone in attendance was so loud. All I wanted was quiet, so I hid myself behind a stack of flight cases so I could accomplish just that. After the show someone handed me a little piece of paper and let me tell you that this was a huge inspiration to me. I still have it to this day and I would be happy to share it with you. As for the king, it wasn’t just playing for any king…

It was about acknowledging the king within myself and playing for him, I never want to lose sight of that.

Do you have any fun road stories?

The coolest thing that happened to me while performing when I was opening for Drezzo, I dropped my unreleashed RL Grime remix and Drezo lost his shit.

How would you describe your sound?

I’m not really sure how to break this down and describe it properly, so my apologies if it doesn’t come across the way in which I would like it to. I guess the first thing I think of is darkness, because when it’s dark or lonely, people are often scared. We have been sold on this idea that being isolated from what we fear is better for us and allows us to live and be happy. Respectfully I disagree with that. The most beautiful things come from the darkest places. It’s raw and very real.

The people who are brave enough to face things out of fear especially when they have the choice not are always the ones to bear success in whatever they are seeking to accomplish by learning to adapt and create something out of nothing. Honestly, I’m still very much in this dark aspect of my life, which most, if not all people don’t physically see in me, but I have learned to embrace it as it  speaks to me and gives me a way to communicate between this dark illusionary place to my listeners so that I and those who listen to my music can continue to grow. I guess my wave of sound, or my communication between to very different worlds would be best call a dark adaptation.

Do you have any good life hacks?

This one isnt mine, its my girlfrieds. Rosemary and apple cider vinegar, makes the best hair wash. Put it in a jar, shake it, then let it sit for a week before using.

We look forward to seeing how the road ahead of CHKRΔ unfolds as he works toward getting signed and collaborations with REZZ, Drezo, Swarm and many more musical adventures. Keep up with the kid on his social media handles linked below.

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