Top 4 Hottest Drum & Bass Tracks from Around the World

Drum & Bass is a peculiar sub-genre in the world of electronic music. From the UK and US to Ukraine and all around the world you can find large pockets of fans dedicated to the sub-genre.

Today let´s explore 4 fresh tracks from the world of Drum & Bass.

4. R1C0 – “So Low”

Fresh from Bristol-based Intrigue Music, London producer R1C0 recently dropped a Liquid / Drum & Bass track earlier in February that has been rising through the Beatport Hype Top 100 titled “So Low“.

Beginning with a chilled-out yet hyped-up backbeat, a sampled woman’s voice begs the answering silence, “tell me.” With its simplistic, lounge-like vibe, R1C0’s “So Low” embodies London D&B vibes throughout the track with its subtle intensity. There probably isn’t anything more British than a well-mannered Liquid-influenced track with a strong bite.

3. Arietta Featuring Janel Blanco (of The Maya Spectra) – “Silk Road” 

Arizona-born producer Arietta recently dropped a strange and intriguing track into the American Drum & Bass zeitgeist.

In a more exploratory mood than before, “Silk Road” features vocals of Janel Blanco from The Maya Spectra, while also acting as the lead single from her punchy, new E.P. Coded Dreams Pt. 1. Deriving inspiration from the infamous free market of the dark web with the concept, Arietta utilizes the mystical quality of Blanco’s voice from the very beginning and jumps off the typical D&B bandwagon. After a series of synth and beats build up around Blanco’s vocals, the track erupts into a glitchy, matrix-esque digital breakdown, seguing in and out of melodic moments.

2. Kijimoshi – “STR”

Would it truly be a complete Drum & Bass culture list if we didn’t include one contribution from our Eastern siblings?

Ukraine-based Kijimoshi from Universe Axiom (headed by producer Kach and touted as a “Russian Sci-Fi Music Label) recently released the track “STR” to the underground global masses. As the track builds up from a slow, pronounced entrance, the synth-work contains slight Chinese influence in the chord progression as the mantra divulges into a hardcore, high-octane romp.

“STR” is the epitome of the current state of Russian D&B, containing multiple nods to more western, melodic work, but staying true to the tribal, frenetic roots of the digital percussion design. “STR” will please any American Drum & Bass fan who went through some weird Happy-Hardcore phase but came out alive at the other end.

1. Break – “Gunpowder”

This new single from Break, head of Symmetry Recordings,  not only rounds out our list of four new global Drum & Bass tracks, but also currently holds the number one spot on Beatport’s Hype Top 100. Also hailing from the U.K., Break brings “Gunpowder” fresh off of Utopia Music and subverts our expectations from the start. With small, dark synth sounds winding in and out of the mix, the masterfully designed percussion keeps listeners on their toes and on the dancefloor.

While this may round out today’s offering of, there is a deep rabbit hole of D&B worth getting lost in. Explore the labels and artists linked above to continue the exploration.

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