Brey Surfaces with a Swift Electro Pop Hit ‘IMU’ [Cosmic Wire]

Brey is taking on melodic dance music with resonating vocals and a progressive sound design delivered by BLAZAR for her latest Cosmic Wire release, ‘IMU’. Brey wraps you into the music by hitting the perfect pitches to accentuate her love story.

While her debut release ‘Getaway Car’ was a hard-hitting electro pop track with determination, drive and style, ‘IMU’ or I Miss You shows Brey’s swifter side that hits like tracks by Halsey or Porter Robinson.  BLAZAR knocks the beat in an intriguing sequence, raises emotion and creates a retro atmosphere with his signature synth work.

“IMU taught me the beauty of learning how to truly love and let go. Time is so precious, and not everyone is meant to stay for the whole story, sometimes they’re only meant to be there for a chapter. I truly hope my audience listens to this song and heals the young and dumb and in love parts of their hearts.”

Continuing, Brey shares the song is about “…the feeling of being intoxicated by somebody. To the point where you can’t think straight and everything about them consumes you. To the point where you put their well-being above you every single time.

It’s the realization that you really haven’t moved on from what happened and that you miss them, even despite as the song indulges in, trying to almost erase them (for example the line), “I can burn, everything from you but I can’t kill the thought of you…”  It’s missing somebody to the point where you feel insane by trying to separate your day-to-day life without them anymore.” ‘IMU’ is a song something everyone can relate to experiencing at one point in their life.

Brey ‘IMU’

The South Carolina based multi-instrumentalist and singer who got her start playing compositions on the piano and cello is now offering that class for electronic music enthusiasts to enjoy. Now a part of the Cosmic Wire family and under the wing of BLAZAR, a tier-one producer with Antifragile Music (INgrooves / Universal), the rising artist has already surmounted 550,000 streams on Spotify alone and received support throughout the dance music community from artists and collectives such as Freyah Martell, The Grëat Music and Emerald Pit. You can anticipate ‘IMU’ catching on and new music to come out frequently throughout this year.

Cosmic Wire’s label head BLAZAR is coming off recent releases with Afroman, Corey Feldman and LA based trap producer CHOPHEAD offering Daft Punk vibes, hip-hop infused dance music and electro funk that have seen support from the Australian heavyweight duo, Stafford Brothers, Trap N Chill and Future Vibes, among others.

Now that Afroman has signed with Cosmic Wire, we can hope for a new one from the label mates plus more developments from the label who has seen recent success by raising 6 figures for F Cancer with Ruby Mazur’s NFT, the artist behind The Rolling Stones’ ‘Mouth & Tongue’ and thousands of more iconic record sleeves as well as forming other ground-breaking partnerships throughout the Fine Art and music worlds…  You can join the conversation and discover what’s next on Cosmic Wire’s Discord.

BLAZAR shares, “Cosmic Wire was born out of the idea that if we treat content creators fairly and equitably, they won’t want to create anywhere else. As a musician and producer for Universal Music Group and Warner Brothers, I know firsthand how predatory and challenging creator deals can be. At Cosmic Wire we set out to create a community where creators feel inspired and empowered. The results are incredible.”


Interview with BLAZAR

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