Dim Mak Records never seems to come up short in the talent department as they add artists to

BLITZ single - "Gyal Go Mal"
Photo via Facebook – BLITZ

their New Noise collection, and that sentiment continues to ring true with their latest addition of BLITZ.

BLITZ’s single “Gyal Go Mal” is the perfect blend of musical cultures that will have you feeling the beat in your bones in no time. The Italian DJ from Milan truly gives the track a sexy vibe as he mixes electro house beats with enticing vocals and body-shocking synths.

While “Gyal Go Mal” certainly has an uptempo beat to it, there is an undeniable presence of seduction going on here that takes it to the next level.

Available for free download on SoundCloud, you can go right ahead and add this booty-shakin’ track to your next party playlist to get your guests moving in minutes.

Get your hands on the new BLITZ single “Gyal Go Mal” below!

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