True or False? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an emoji is worth a million. People are moving away from even using words with the amount of perfect emojis to use. It is a fun and effective way to communicate, but are people, especially guys, using these emojis a little too much?

Ben Rauch admittedly does. Hence he composed, “The Emoji Song”- a hilarious and timely satire for those who know ( or may be) chronic emoji users. Ben’s song pokes fun of our smartphone-obsessed generation, and wholeheartedly embraces Millennials. Ben understands that sometimes the business call can wait, because emojis need to be sent. How else is your girl going to know you like her haircut without a pair of cartoon scissors and 4 hearts?

Ben Rauch’s “The Emoji Song” is sure to raise a chuckle.

Now, share “The Emoji Song” with any of your friends that are guilty of using emojis too much.

The Emoji Song” is making its way around the world, winning multiple awards at domestic and international film festivals. At The Global Music Awards the song won “Best Male Vocalist”, “Best Lyrics/Songwriter” and “Best Music Video.” Also, at L.A. Shorts Film Festival, London Independent Film Awards, Los Angeles Independent Film Awards and NYC Indie Film Awards, Ben’s song won “Best Music Video.”

“The Emoji Song” is just the first single from Ben’s forthcoming studio album, Tales From The Turnpike on Mama’s Boy Music.

Ben Rauch is a beloved singer, songwriter and actor inspired by Phil Collins and Flight of the Conchords, among others. The quality and professionalism of his work, that he has acquired from holding acting roles in “Gossip Girl,” “Mr. Robot,” and “Jersey Boys,” really shines through this music video. Make sure to catch him supporting comedian, Melissa McCarthy in an upcoming film, “Can You Ever Forgive Me,” out in October, 2018 as well as performing “The Emoji Song” all around the US.

Ben Rauch

Have some fun with emojis today. Talk to all your friends and family strictly with emojis, see how far you get. Wait, maybe this is the beginning of something. Ever since Ancient Egyptian times people (or aliens) have been using symbols to communicate. Perhaps civilization is migrating back to using just symbols, and the movement starts with emojis…

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