Bassnectar – Open Up (Minnesota Remix)

Bassnectar - Open Up (Minnesota Remix)
Bassnectar – Open Up (Minnesota Remix)

Reflecting back on the incredible electronic albums of 2014, it is difficult to visit the topic of conversation without throwing Bassnectar’s Noise Versus Beauty in the mix.

One of the most versatile producers in the industry, it comes as no surprise that Lorin would commission the equally diverse skills of Minnesota for the NVSB Remixes.

In the midst of his own campaign that saw his largest North American tour thus far, Minnesota went to work on “Open Up.”

The melodic Drum and Bass makeover weaves itself into the signature Breakbeat stylings and astral synths of The Nectar.

Having provided two of our favorite music festival moments of 2014, we were overjoyed at this collaboration.

As both Bassnectar and Minnesota continue to evolve their already awe-inspiring production skills, we are giddy at what the future has in store.

Get down with Minnesota’s remix of “Open Up” by Bassnectar below.

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