The Most Astounding Dance Moves that You’ll Ever See [Video]

Alright folks, it’s time for one of the slickest and best choreographed dance videos that we’ve ever seen, and we’re not exaggerating one bit.

This is insane.

The Most Astounding Dance Moves that You'll Ever See [Video]
1 piece of the 2 piece “Slip” puzzle: Philip Chbeeb. Photo – Philip Chbeeb – Facebook.
The dance duo of Philip ‘Pacman’ Chbeeb and Renee Kester put their soulful moves to Elliot Moss’ sleeper hit, “Slip”, and never before have we seen anything that conveys the depth and feeling of music more completely and effectively than this.

Through flawless personification of the beat, ‘Pacman’ and Kester magnify the song and bring a new aspects and intricacies to the forefront that most audiophiles wouldn’t initially consider. By adding another facet of expression to the already incredible music, they’re bringing an entirely new dimension to the overall experience.

Many of us love to dance, that’s a given. We’re music lovers, after all! But this is different.

‘Pacman’ and Kester’s “Slip” interpretation takes things to an entirely new level, making one look to the future and wonder about the possibilities for the fusion of choreographed dance in live musical performance.

When it comes down to it, music and dance have coexisted for millennia. But, with the relatively newfound realm of electronic music (compared to the thousands of years of traditional music that came before it), this opens up an entirely new area of potential with sound and movement.

As musicians create electronic sounds and songs that were never-before-possible in the physical world, who knows what the future will hold.

Even as this is being written, there are artists who are on the forefront of the movement and spearheading the progression toward something new. One group that immediately comes to mind: Quixotic.

The Most Astounding Dance Moves that You'll Ever See [Video]
Part 2 of the “Slip Puzzle: Renee Kester. Photo – Renee Kester – Facebook.
Quixotic is the Kansas City based art collective that is a melting pot of original live music, dance, aerial acrobatics, projection mapping, high fashion, and more into an incredibly mind-bending and immersive experience. By melding sound, dance, light, and emotion Quixotic is able to achieve a cathartic aspect to their sets that’s almost too much for words.

So, as we sit and contemplate the far flung reaches of artistic possibility, we’re honestly just glad that there are artists and musicians who are already pushing these boundaries.

They are the musicians, composers, artists, dancers, and poets that make the scene turn by creating spaces to make audiences think and wonder.

All in all, maybe we’re getting a little too deep, maybe it’s just music and movement. But, then again maybe we’re not. Maybe, just maybe, this performance will touch you and make you rethink art and artistic expression.

Everyone has a creative spark; those embers that burn somewhere in the soul and can’t be extinguished. We hope that this video inspires you to catalyze the potential inside and pursue your deepest endeavors.

Watch in wonder as Philip (Pacman) Chbeeb and Renee Kester take music and dance to a whole new level below

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