This week on our tour through the Envision 2017 lineup, we choose Of Porcelain to showcase. Music Producer out of the City of Angles, Of Porcelain, lays down some of the most eloquent vibes you will come across.

Of Porcelain, from the Envision 2017 lineup, crafts music as a textile artist would finely design a delicate piece of porcelain art.

Of Procelain 'Keeping Secrets'

Of Porcelain ‘Keeping Secrets’

He has a beautiful way on using downtempo instrumental samples that allow you to drift away and let go. There is a raw and natural sound that we appreciate about his music and will especially love down in the jungle of Costa Rica. With Envision 2017 only 8 days away, it’s time to start packing. We recommend bringing a pineapple.

For the selected track, ‘Keeping Secrets’, Of Porcelain creates a warm and deep beat that will stun the Envision 2017 citizens.

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Envision 2017 Lineup

Listen to ‘Keeping Secrets by Of Porcelain to get to know the Envision 2017 lineup:

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