Armin van Buuren Ventures into New Territory with “The Race”

Armin Van Buuren recently collaborated with Dave Winnel and released “The Race”, a song that takes a large step away from the State of Trance host’s typical sound. Armin’s new sound abandons all pretenses of trance from the very beginning of the track.

The song kicks off with a quick measured beat and quickly morphs into a song with more of a big room house feel to it.

“The Race” features big room house characteristics like deep drops, rhythmic beats, bass kicks, and relatively simple repeated melodies.

Armin van Buuren & Dave Winnel - The Race
Armin van Buuren & Dave Winnel – The Race

Some dedicated Armin fans express incredulity at the new sound, comparing the trance producer’s new sound to the work of  artists like W&W, Tiesto, and Hardwell. These comparisons are certainly not negative. Artists like these are household names in the EDM world, and often headline huge events and festivals not only in the US but all over the world.

However, Armin fans are disgruntled by what they take to be a mainstream approach to EDM. Some go as far as to call his new sound a betrayal to his trance roots.

There has been some dissension among Armin’s fans who either oppose his decidedly un-trance-like single, or wholeheartedly embrace the deep bass sound.

But trance fan or not, this song will make you get up and dance. Moreover, the combination of Armin and Winnel create a unique sound that would mesh well with many other big room artists at future festivals. It would be a fair bet to say that this song will most likely see a good amount of stage time during upcoming festivals.

The only question that remains  is whether or not the Dutch producer will hold true to his trance roots. Is Armin‘s new sound a permanent change?

Listen to “The Race” below:

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