Arman Cekin Creates Melodic Trap Magic for ‘Sever The Ties’

‘Sever The Ties’ was originally released in mid-2016, but this trap tune is still noteworthy.

Sever the Ties - Arman Cekin (melodic trap)
Arman Cekin ‘Sever the Ties’ (feat. Esther Sparkes)

Dutch artist Arman Cekin masters the art of melding an unforgettable melody and emotional lyrics with a sick trap beat.

Cekin teams up with Esther Sparkes, who adds undeniably captivating vocals. The deeper value of the track comes from its lyrical content, which focuses on a relationship, love, and being with someone who is unwilling to let go.

With its expressive lyrics and emotive melody, ‘Sever the Ties’ proves that Arman Cekin is more than capable of creating something majestic.

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